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Better time tracking on projects

In my line of work, I have to keep track of time. I typically work on several concurrent projects while also leading or participating in multiple sales efforts. My time is further divided between internal and external projects tasks where I may be focused on project strategy, technology leadership, internal employee support, external client support, etc. I love what I do but my only point of frustration is that I spend extremely valuable time reassembling my Swiss cheese of a day in 15 minute increments in our time tracking system — a tasks that many of us have to complete on a daily basis.

Over the past 3 years working for an agency, I have tried out various systems to track time. I was searching for a system that met two (and a half) simple criteria:

  1. Easy to use; no training required!
  2. Can be used to enter time throughout the day regardless of where I’m at (so no special device or connectivity is necessary!)

Lastly, I wanted a system that I could stick to once the one week trial run ended, which is also when the newness typically wears off. Thanks to our very own Andrew Jones I now have a paper-based solution that I love because it makes me more productive! So what is it?

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