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Apple draws line in sand with TOS change for new iPhone SDK

Apple has decided to pick a fight with developers. In a recent change to the Terms of Service (TOS) for their new iPhone SDK, Apple has indicated that apps developed with third party software, such as MonoTouch, Titanium, or the upcoming version of Flash, will not be allowed. The new TOS also blocks the use of third-party analytics software, such as Flurry. The details of these changes are well documented by Joe Crawford and Erik Kerr. These changes basically mean that developing an iPhone app using a language other than the native iPhone language, Objective-C, or a C-based languages (C, C++), and collecting user data and device data is no longer allowed. NOTE: Some of the above companies believe that they are compliant with these changes and/or are actively seeking clarification from Apple (see Jeff Haynie’s blog post).

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Media, not technology or the iPad, will kill Adobe Flash

The demise of Flash has been prognosticated ever since Steve Jobs showed off the new iPad and explained that Flash support is not planned for the device. Instead, Apple chose to go with HTML5. This sparked a debate battle between Flash and HTML5. From a technology point of view, Flash is behind the times (in the same way that Google Gears is behind the times) because the HTML5 technology solves the problem of having a separate application to support rich media. But from my perspective, the death of Flash will not be driven by technology alone.

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