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About this blog

These are simply my thoughts and ideas regarding marketing the technology — the application of Technology platforms and software for Marketing purposes.  I’m interested in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, analytics of all kinds, and Web Content Management and eCommerce platforms. The posts on this blog are reflections of my own views and not my employer. I hope that you find these informative, entertaining, and enjoyable.

About me

In 2000, I left my career in academia for a technology-focused position in the private sector. For seven years, I worked within the Marketing and IT departments at a large telecommunications company called Premiere Global Services based in Atlanta where I oversaw the global web presence of our corporate website. I lead an international team of webmasters to promote our brand across more than 23 countries/languages. As the Director of Web Services, I set the design standards, usability and functionality guidelines for our website while evaluating emerging technologies for use on the web.

In 2007, I left my client-side career to work for a leading interactive marketing agency called Spunlogic, which was later acquired by a private equity firm and became Engauge. At Engauge, I was managed the technology department which was composed of 25+ front and back-end engineers focused on innovation. As the VP of Technology, I was responsible driving the technology strategy and operations of the department.

In 2011, I left agency to join a Marketing Technology consultancy called Arke Systems, or Arke for short.

As a Solutions Architect at Arke, I am responsible for strategy and integration of technology platforms and software for advertising agencies.

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