The 4 reasons you won’t buy an Android smartphone

iPhone4Late last week, I caught up with our CEO who was telling me just how much he loved his iPhone 4S. He was most impressed with Siri, the new personal assistant powered by advanced artificial intelligence. He explained how he was running late to a client meeting because of a car accident and that he was able to look up the mobile number of the client and send them a text message without typing a single character. While I’ve been unimpressed with Android in the past, I’ve recently written about how amazing is Android on the Samsung Galaxy S II so it got me thinking as to why people refuse to switch.

Here’s my list:

  • Brand loyalty. Some people are admittedly Apple fanboys — they own everything Apple and they refuse to look at anything else because it is crap. They certainly won’t dare think about an iPhone (even for a second)!
  • Lack of awareness. Most consumers do not know that Android and iPhone devices are on par both from a hardware and software perspective. In fact, certain Android devices sport better hardware (processor, expandable storage, thinner form factor) than the iPhone 4S.
  • Fear of change. We’re human and so we generally resist change. In fact, we are only agreeable to change once we can ensure that change doesn’t upset the status quo. All of this requires a time investment and so it is easier to just stay the course.
  • Popularity. iPhone’s popularity is greater among affluent households. By possessing an iPhone, we make a statement that we’re not commoners — it is the epitome of conspicuous consumption.
Taken together, this list also explains why geeks love Android powered smartphones. We care less about popularity and more about functionality and performance. If you’ve got other reasons as to why you think the iPhone is more popular in the US, add it in the comments.