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Does shutting down Lala make Apple evil?

Lala Logo

Last year, Apple acquired streaming music service Lala was unique in that members could listen to new tracks in their entirety (iTunes only allows you to listen to a clip) and then purchase the rights to stream the song for pennies. Timing of the deal was suspicious as Apple swooped in just as Lala announced the pending approval of their iPhone app, which would allow members to access their music catalog via an iTouch or iPhone. While some question Apple’s motive to make the deal (because as a standalone service Lala would pose a competitive threat to iTunes), most expected to Apple bring Lala into the iTunes Store “fold” and give members a choice to either purchase music download or streaming rights.

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Apple draws line in sand with TOS change for new iPhone SDK

Apple has decided to pick a fight with developers. In a recent change to the Terms of Service (TOS) for their new iPhone SDK, Apple has indicated that apps developed with third party software, such as MonoTouch, Titanium, or the upcoming version of Flash, will not be allowed. The new TOS also blocks the use of third-party analytics software, such as Flurry. The details of these changes are well documented by Joe Crawford and Erik Kerr. These changes basically mean that developing an iPhone app using a language other than the native iPhone language, Objective-C, or a C-based languages (C, C++), and collecting user data and device data is no longer allowed. NOTE: Some of the above companies believe that they are compliant with these changes and/or are actively seeking clarification from Apple (see Jeff Haynie’s blog post).

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Pre-released iPad the focus of Modern Family episode

I’m a big fan of TV comedies. One of my favorite new shows is Modern Family on ABC. The show focuses on the lives of three families; each episode typically has 3 story lines that are woven together. On last night’s episode (called Game Changer), one of the three story lines focused on the iPad. One of the main characters on the show, Phil, was planning to stand in line this Saturday to buy an iPad, the latest gadget from Apple. Since it was Phil’s birthday, his wife offered to stand in line for him but she fell back asleep, thus not making it to the Apple store in time. Eventually, the family figures out how to get Phil the iPad so all ends well. But during the closing scene, Phil proclaims his love for the iPad as his wife walks behind him, which she mistakenly takes as a complement for her. 🙂

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